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We are excited to offer our clients the convenience of online scheduling through our partner site, Vagaro/Lasting Looks. Simply click the link to visit our combined Services page select the service and time that works best for you. We look forward to seeing you at Alpine Glow Medical Spa!

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B12 Injections

$20 per injection

Baby Botox

Baby Botox

Hydroneedle microtox facial - $550

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$650 per syringe

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$400 per vial, clients normally need 2 vials for 1st injection and potentially a second treatment in 4 months.

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Latisse - $140

Medical Botox

Prices Vary

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Great genes that allow you to age gracefully are hard to come by. Frown lines and wrinkles that make you look older that you are can be softened with neurotoxins

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PDO Threads

Price Varies:
Cheeks, Jowl, neck $1200 - $1600
Lips $250

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PRF & Organic Filler

$700 for first treatment, $600 for second treatment 6 weeks after and yearly touch ups.

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